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domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Wolfpack of lovers.

If you ever try to kill yourself
Or try to hurt yourself (again)
I will chase you in the realms of death
Just to spank your little ass
‘cause you don’t belong to self anymore.
You now are mine, and mine alone.

You do have a certain trait of dignity
that fires my mind and burns my heart
And for those who don’t get us, the bestiality of our love
I shall say, “die, bastards, and I will bury you all”

I will bury you while my love plays a song of sweet murder
We will share your blood in the same chalice
And deeply kiss when our lips get numb
And one mouth shall never let the other mouth goes

Not only you are red, as I am black
And red and black together created this earth
And red and black together must again take control of it
Our immortal souls dancing in the woods
Our immortal lips singing the song of trees
And the animals all around us making love to each other
While nature reborns in our death time

I want you to know me very well
So when I stare at you, you reckon my needs
Then take me up then pin me down
While I moan a laughter into your ears
And I say
love me forever.

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